RAW file converter for OS-X finally posted!

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Tom Ferguson Senior Member • Posts: 2,289
Re: RAW file converter for OS-X I have it working!!!

SAY WHAT?? Perhaps this is my issue. Are you saying that to install the Fuji OSX software you/I need to remove all of the Fuji OS9 software first?? I only checked/removed OSX software before attempting to load the OSX versions (made good sense to me!!).


esther dezube wrote:
I worked with the fuji rep to get the program working, for osx.
First you have to kick out all the previous parts of the old
version. Remember to look in os9 preferences, and osx library/
preferences. Next you have to load the finepix viewer for osx. I
heard I was the last person to download yesterday.They said it will
be reposted next week under downloads. After that you put in your
old cd in after you download the new hyper utility version. Open
the green fuji icon, not the package file. Then it will install
after it askes for the cd. Icons are placed on your desktop. the
raw converters and the program They are alaises. the original
program is in the helpers folder. But when you open the program
the raw converters are gone in the osx version. You now have to
dump the file on the icon and it will open. You can now also dump
your raw pic from I View and it will open and convert. If you have
any further questions e-mail me. My address has changed to
e.dezube@comcast.net. I hope this helps Esther

CMW wrote:
i just got off the phone with a Fuji Tech. He stated that the
Uility Software is going to be posted again in a couple of days. I
guess the volume of downloads from thier server ( for the
Hyper-Utility Ex ) was causing Fuji some problems so they are
moving it to a different server. "If they weren't the last company
in the industry to release their os X software, they wouldn't have
that problem. Yes, I'm bitter." I hope this calms some nerves.

JHolmes wrote:
I'm not sue where it is. I downloaded it yesterday. I went back
to the sight tonight and it was gone.
Program works great. Had no problems with it and so far I like it.

Don Henderson wrote:
Did they take the software down!!! I can't find it on the site. Can
someone PLEASE Help


robert hakalski wrote:

i've just had time to look at the updated RAW ex software (v 2.0)
for OS-9 and it is somewhat improved - the conversions seems to
take about the same amount of time but i noticed somewhat faster
processing than the previous version when making sensitization
settings, curve, settings, etc. also, there is a batch process
window which is nice - still, wish you could throw a bunch of files
in there and then select which one(s) to process instead of just
having just the preview of the first image and processing the rest
unseen. am anxious to install the OS-X version and try it out.

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