How to check OM-D E-M5 shutter count

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Shutter count

hellowin wrote:

For those who want to check their OM-D E-M5 shutter count, just go with these steps:

► Camera OFF
► Hold down MENU button and turn ON the camera
► Release MENU button and press MENU again to get to Menus
► Go to LCD Brightness Menu, that's in Spanner Menu and third item down.
► Press RIGHT to show screen adjusters
► Press INFO and then press OK and on my E-M5 this shows on screen....
OLYMPUS E-M5 0A 01 01 01
► Press in sequence UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/SHUTTER/UP and Page 1 info appears

► Variously press RIGHT for Page 2, DOWN for Page 3, LEFT for Page 4 and UP again to get Page 1

What we are looking for is the information on Page 2, on my E-M5 it shows.....
R 000091 [total shutter actuation count]
S 000011 [shot count with flash]
C 000000
U 000018 [turn on count which is ultrasonic wave cleaner count]
V 000000

B 000101 [seems to be total number of times shutter button is fully pressed for any reason]
L 000000

On Page 4 is D: damage code log, mine shows blank and that is good.

These are the same steps you can use to check shutter count from all Olympus PEN series and DSLR E-5

The "B" item is the number of shots taken with IBIS on. From my page at or same at

It works for all Pens and OM-D models and for some other Oly cameras as well.

As for history, this post at was the first time the information appeared, and I tidied it up and plonked on my page shortly after and also notified John Foster for his page linked above, so many thanks to Hellowin for getting us all on the right track back in January 2011.

As for Panasonic, every body is different so go here to find out how to do it

Regards...... Guy

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