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Re: Lowpro Flipside Sport 20L

darngooddesign wrote:

What about something like the Peak Design mount attached to one of the shoulder straps?

I've tried the following:

1. Peak Design Capture

2. Blackrapid Backpack Strap

3. Thinktank Camera Support Strap

My least favorite is the Blackrapid strap.  Even though I love a good sling strap when not using a backpack, the problem with the BR Backpack Strap is that it adds one more thing to unhitch if you want to take the backpack off.  And, you end up having to put the camera on the ground while taking the backpack off, which is not always ideal, particularly if you are swapping lenses.

The Thinktank Camera Support strap works very well.  It puts the weight of the camera into the shoulder straps, so you don't even feel it.  Also, it's easy to slip the strap over your neck and unhitch it from the backpack, and then let the camera dangle while swapping lenses.  Very safe and secure.  However, with the strap lugs positioned where they are on the camera body, the camera tends to point down at 45 degrees when you are not holding the camera (i.e., walking down the trail with the camera dangling) , and the corner of the camera base/grip tends to dig into you ribs/stomach.  Not comfortable.  I've been meaning to mount some lugs into the base of the grip so that the camera will point straight down - that would be much better.  With this mod it would be near perfect for most situations.

The Peak Design Capture I've only used a few times.  I like the fact that when you are not using the camera, it is not dangling in any way, so that if you are scrambling around some tricky trails, it's secure and not bouncing off the rock wall next to you or your trekking poles.  Main downside is that it can be tricky to actually get the camera into the clip.  Also, the bit you screw into the camera's tripod mounting hole blocks the battery door.  Noe that I have the Pro version with the larger mounting plate, the cheaper version might be the way to go for Fuji X.  The Peak Design Capture is, IMO, the best solution for technical hiking in that you don't feel compelled to stash the camera in the pack when the trail gets tricky.

Right now I tend to use the Thinktank strap while in a city, but the Peak Design Capture Pro while hiking.

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