I thought the Q was very clever, now Pentax needs a bigger mirror-less

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Re: I thought the Q was very clever, now Pentax needs a bigger mirror-less

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Not like the K-01, which I liked but few bought. A scaled-up Q would be good, because it had a terrific, functional body. Something higher-end, build like a K3 or Olympus OM-D, higher than the other plastic K DSLRs. Plus, a new lens line so the registration distance wouldn't have to be the same as the DSLRs. Their terrific pancake lenses were frankly wasted on the K-01 owing to its bulk.

I felt that way too all the way until the official FF announcement. Ricoh doesn't have endless resources, and they all seem to be thrown at developing FF and 645 systems at the moment. I think it was an either or decision, and mirrorless is now off the table - at least until APS DSLRs really begin to decline.

They should consider putting more resources somewhere, photocopiers aren't flying out the door anymore and you can't charge $20,000 for a mid-line black and white copier anymore.

Evidently one can sell out two full production runs of 8000$ medium format camera, however. 

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