X-E2 Backpack for hiking

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Re: X-E2 Backpack for hiking

Yyahalla wrote:

Thanks for all your answers! For my needs the lowepro aw200 seems to be a good fit. I'll look around for a few more days and decide then.


I've used the AW200 for over a year with mirrorless kits. It's really light and comfortable to carry for longer periods. Eventually I did however sell it due to two major (for me at least) factors:

- there's not really a good way to carry a tripod with it: you can't strap one to the front, if you put it on the side it troughs off the balance completely and there isn’t really room for one inside

- there are only two pockets for smaller items, one inside and one on top of the pack. If you carry filters, cleaning cloths, energy bars, a wallet, smartphone etc. it quickly gets a mess to find anything

As a replacement I bought a ThinkTank Perception 15 backpack (http://www.thinktankphoto.com/products/perception-15-black.aspx). It has more pockets that I care to remember, a great tripod carrying solution, enough room for hiking staff and camera compartments that fit my X100t, X-M1 with 60mm macro, a Samyang 12mm and the Nissin i40 flash. It’s a little slower to get the gear out but not enough to scare me off.

The major drawback so far is however the carrying comfort L I only had it for a couple of weeks and not enough chances to give it a proper test, so maybe after a few adjustments it’ll be better but the lack of a hip strap seems to be a much bigger problem than I anticipated…

Should the Perception not work out for me, I want to try out the Manfrotto Hiker (http://www.manfrotto.com/product/24329.8615.17668.0.0/MB%2BOR-BP-20GY/_/HIKER_20L_GREY). It is quite similar to the Lowepro AW200 in regards to the carrying system but has more pockets for smaller items and more lugs on the outside, so maybe a tripod will be easier to attach. I’m not sure it is available already though as I couldn’t find a single supplier carrying this item here in Poland.

Good luck with your decision and please do post your findings whatever you choose!



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