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Re: X-E2 Backpack for hiking

Yyahalla wrote:

Hey there,

for my next vaction I'm gonna travel to the scottish Highlands. Naturally a lot of hiking will be done.

Now I am looking for a nice little backpack that holds my X-E2 with the 10-24mm mounted and maybe 1 more lens. Furthermore it should carry stuff we need for our hikes (water, some food, dry cloth, maps etc.).

The Camera should be well protected (bumps and water (weather in scottland can be a b****)) and easy to reach.

My problem with the few backpacks I have found have hughe camera sections where my little X-E2 would just bounce around constantly.

I would be really thankful for any tips/BP recommendations! How do you guys store your X-gear while hiking?


Hi There,

I do quite a lot of backpacking here in the NZ mountains and carry an X-E1, 18-55 (and now the 16-55) and 55-200 lenses. Because they are often 7 day trips or longer, I need a full-sized backpack.

However I do like to have a camera up front, so that I can access it whilst walking. I therefore carry the camera and std lens in a LowePro case suspended from the pack straps and restrained from bouncing around by threading the waist strap through the back of the case. This works well with the 18-55 lens and I am hoping it should be fine for the heavier 16-55 lens also but this has yet to be tested.

For day trips I carry my camera the same way but using a std daypack instead of the bigger pack. If you do not want to carry the camera up front, you could look at the mindshiftgear - mindshiftgear.com. Their daypacks have a rotating fanny pack that should work well for accessing the gear while you are walking. I do NOT own one of these and cannot therefore speak from experience, but it seems to me to be a nifty idea.

By the way, on occasions I have fallen heavily on top of the camera with a 20Kg pack on (and have a battle scar on my forehead to prove it!), and the little Fujis are so well made that I have yet to inflict serious damage on them.

Hope this helps,


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