X-E2 Backpack for hiking

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Re: X-E2 Backpack for hiking

Yyahalla wrote:

Hey there,

for my next vaction I'm gonna travel to the scottish Highlands. Naturally a lot of hiking will be done.

Now I am looking for a nice little backpack that holds my X-E2 with the 10-24mm mounted and maybe 1 more lens. Furthermore it should carry stuff we need for our hikes (water, some food, dry cloth, maps etc.).

The Camera should be well protected (bumps and water (weather in scottland can be a b****)) and easy to reach.

My problem with the few backpacks I have found have hughe camera sections where my little X-E2 would just bounce around constantly.

I would be really thankful for any tips/BP recommendations! How do you guys store your X-gear while hiking?


I like the Tenba, Think Tank system as a first choice. I actually would get a Sling bag before a backpack for active shooting unless you need the backpack to carry more than camera gear.

A sling you don't have to put down to open and show the world what is inside like a backpack. My thoughts on security.

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