RAW file converter for OS-X finally posted!

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John Harrison
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Re: OS9 and Camera Shooting Software 2 Update FAILURE

Tom Ferguson wrote:
Fuji really need to impove (or at least test) their installers. I
now have all the OS9 updates working happily. I'm still concerned
about the OSX software and will wait utill the updates are reposted
and see if we get V2.01! I've tried a few times with the OSX
software, it always puts out "permission errors" and then freezes,
leaving incomplete software all over my disk.

In OS9 I completely removed all Fuji software (including extensions
and prefs). I then ran the installer with the original CD mounted
(as per Fuji's e-mail instructions to Charles). No go, the
installer refused to run untill I had the original software on the
hard-drive. So I re-installed from the CD and then ran the
installer. Now all is well. Finepix Viewer runs 9didn't test much,
I don't use it), EX converter is a nice improvement over the
original, and the shooting software now recognises my camera (the
software seems identical to the original).

Hope that helps someone.

I still hope Fuji comes out with working OSX software......someday

Charles Bandes wrote:
I must admit that I'm puzzled about the shooting software. It works
great on my iBook but I get that same "no camera connected" message
on my G4 desktop. I wonder if there's some kind of weird driver
conflict, or something like that.

Since I'd only ever use the shooting sw with my ibook this isn't a
big deal for me, but it's weird and discouraging.

(both are running 10.2.6)

Tom Ferguson wrote:

After isntalling the Fuji updated for OS9 I have an improved Raw
converter and I think a new Shooting Software (it now says version
2) but I can no longer get the computer to see the camera. I get
the "no camera is connected" message. The computer sees the camera
just fine in download mode, so I don't think I have a
firewire/computer problem. The camera is on a power supply without
the 123s (as is my normal). I also tried it battery only. The
system worked before the upgrade.

The installer says there should be 5 extensions all starting with
"FD". I seem to have three, one of which (the LIB) seems to be an
older/duplicate version left from the previous version 1.

Has anyone made the new shooting software work under OS9? How many
extensions do you have?

I'll try a remove and re-install after today's job, but this is
really rediculous. I wanted shooting and raw software for OSX, and
improved shooting and raw software for OS9. It seems Fuji has
delivered one working and three broken items! NOT GOOD.
Tom Ferguson

I downloaded the OSX update and it works fine on my powerbook G4. The camera shooting software VER 2 is good and it means I do not have to boot into OS 9.2 to use it.

I removed the old software first and then installed the update with the CD in the drive and thats it.The main downer is that the Finepix Viewer has no reference in the menus for the raw converter either EX or LE these have to be used separately.


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