Review: Kenko Pro 1D Protector Filter on PL 25mm f/1.4

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NZ Scott
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My test results - Kenko Pro1D Protector versus B+W Nano

Moonlight Knight wrote:

5. Comparison with B+W F-Pro MRC UV: Later I borrowed a B+W filter and tried to find out if the B+W MRC UV is superior to the Kenko Pro 1 Digital Protector. Since I could not reproduce the test setup with the exact same conditions, I'm not showing a comparison photo here. My evaluation is that B+W MRC UV result is incredibly similar to the result of Kenko Pro 1 Digital Protector in all IQ aspects - the flare with 25mm f/1.4 is still there with the B+W. Does this mean the cheaper Kenko is a better buy than the B+W? The answer is "It depends". It is well known that (1) the Kenko Pro 1 Digital is very hard to clean and (2) B+W F-Pro MRC has a coating that is water repellent, making it much easier to clean, and the B+W XS-Pro MRC Nano is even better in that respect (at a premium price).

This is an interesting result.

Tonight I tested my Kenko Pro1 D Protector (same as your filter) with my XS-Pro MRC Nano (which you mention above but did not test) on my Panasonic GM5 with 12-32 and 35-100 kit lenses and the M. Zuiko 25/1.8.

The results, in terms of flare:

1) The 12-32 flared a bit in all three configurations (bare, with B+W, with Kenko). There wasn't much difference between the amount of flare, but it changed colour to a greenish hue with the Kenko.

2) The 35-100 did not flare at all when shot bare and when shot with the B+W. It did flare noticeably when shot with the Kenko.

3) The MZ 25/1.8 did not flare at all when shot bare, displayed an almost unnoticeable amount of flare with the B+W and showed significant green flare with the Kenko.

Conclusion: The B+W XS-Pro MRC Nano is superior to the Kenko Pro1D (W) protector with regards to flare resistance on my small-kit portable setup, as it introduces insignificant to no flare with either of my GM5's zooms and the Olympus prime whereas the Kenko either introduces flare or alters existing flare to an unnatural colour.

This adds weight to my subjective impressions of the filters, as I've always preferred my B+Ws to my Kenkos and Hoyas.


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