How Many Folk Here Use Primes?

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Re: How Many Folk Here Use Primes?

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Put another way, you figure out that primes are manual zooms controlled by your feet;).

Frequently said, but even though I love primes this statement grates me! A zoom lens changes the angle of view. "Zooming with your feet" changes the perspective. Two different concepts.


The "I zoom with me feet" comment is a subtle dig implying those with zooms are lazy. But this comment is what's lazy. Moving point of view is not the same changing focal length.

sorry. i spoke too quickly. you are correct that different focal lengths give you different perspectives and knowing what focal length you need is half the battle. i tend to travel with a 20, 50 and 85 as well as a 24-70. i am more of a hobbyist so i have limited experience but what i have found is that using a prime forces me to spend more time evaluating my scene and make a more intelligent decision about what i choose to shoot. with zooms i tended to zoom all the way in or out and spend less time on composition. i would also argue that a 50 might cover most of the 40 to 60mm range of a 24-70 and if you have the time the 50 will give you better results. that is not to say that a 24 would replace a 35, a 35 a 50, a 50 an 85 and so on. but i think you could replace a 24-70 with the 24, 50 and 85 1.8g lenses and be quite happy. i also understand that a pro in a fluid situation needs the speed of a zoom and cannot wait to switch between primes.

I was just taking the opportunity to vent a pet peeve. No offense intended.

I agree with you about primes. Shooting with them has improved my composition.

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