How Many Folk Here Use Primes?

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Re: How Many Folk Here Use Primes?

Primes for me.  I like zooms, but I don't like that they are dimmer, also more complex optically (I've been burned with premium zooms that were great at some focal lengths but unreliable at others, primes are optically simple, so if it works, it works, it's a known quantity), heavier, and bigger.

I do like not having to change lens' all the time, which is why when I'm on a job, I will always have two bodies, and visualize what I'll be taking photos of, and have the appropriate lens' on before I shoot.

"zooming with your feet", is technically not accurate, as others have said, but functionally, it's often similar, since in most cases, you just want the subject to fill the frame more, perspective compression and all that is often secondary.  Obviously, it's less easy if your subject is far away, as you have to travel great distances to make any difference.
There is also "zoom with crop" with the latest high resolution sensors, which doesn't change perspective.
I find (along with others), that photos are often more interesting the closer you can get to your subjects too, so being more active on your feet is a benefit for that, not only just forwards/backwards, but slight changes to framing/composition by moving left/right/up/down can make a meh photo to wow.  For example, by shifting left/right you can totally change the subject to background relationship, causing distracting elements to be hidden, or even to strengthen your composition.  It's hard to do this while you're far away

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