How Many Folk Here Use Primes?

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I do, sometimes

Sunday I went to the Renaissance Faire in Phoenix with two cameras, D800e and D810.   I had the 80-400g on one body, and a series of primes on the other.   Occasionally different primes on each body.

I took 35F1.4 (Sigma), 50F1.4g and 85F1.4g and used them all at one point or another.   I also took the 24-70 and 80-400g, but the 24-70 never got used (in favor of the primes).

Not that I have anything against the 24-70, but I felt like shooting primes a lot that day.   For instance, the 50mm lens.   When shooting that lens, you tend to get into the action more than shooting a longer lens, and backing up to get the subject framed right gives a bit better look than using a 35mm.  (Plus helped eliminate more background distractions).    Using the 35 as if it were a 50 (get in closer) definitely gave me a worse composition when I was trying to eliminate background distractions because of the perspective distortion.

As most people feel, using a zoom can tend to make you lazy balancing composition and perspective distortion.

As for the zoom, in the past I've taken an 80-200 or 70-200 to this event, and it was almost the only time of the year I would tend to use those lenses.   But I always found them too short for shooting the birds of prey, so this year the 80-400g took over long lens duties.

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