How Many Folk Here Use Primes?

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Re: Why?

John Cote wrote:

StanyBuyle wrote:

IQ, speed, size and weight.


Do you really think that the prime lenses give you appreciably better image quality than the top quality zooms? I am not saying that perhaps you could not measure some slight quality difference but I mean appreciably by anybody looking at your final output in print or on the web?

Also, as far as speed is concerned, how do you mean? Do you mean lens aperture or something else...such as speed of acquiring the subject or whatever?

aperture. I have 20, 28, 50(1.4) and 85mm primes(F1.8) and they are great, also wide open. The 20mm and 85 mm are my favourites. One day I might the 24 mm F1.4, it's a pity it's that expensive.

Less distortion than zooms, with exception of the prehistoric 28-105, which is distortion free but not very sharp (but I love that lens, also on my D810)...

The Nikon 24-70 (had, sold) isn't so special at 24 mm and lacks VR... The tamron 24-70 VC is fine, but has terrible distortion at 24mm. Sold this one as well...

Last but not least I like weight and compactness of primes ...

Just asking. I don't do much street or landscape/cityscape.

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