How Many Folk Here Use Primes?

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Re: Why?

John Cote wrote:

StanyBuyle wrote:

IQ, speed, size and weight.


Do you really think that the prime lenses give you appreciably better image quality than the top quality zooms? I am not saying that perhaps you could not measure some slight quality difference but I mean appreciably by anybody looking at your final output in print or on the web?

Also, as far as speed is concerned, how do you mean? Do you mean lens aperture or something else...such as speed of acquiring the subject or whatever?

Just asking. I don't do much street or landscape/cityscape.

Do you think the 24-70 f2.8 gives better image quality than the 24-85VR or 24-120 f4?

The difference between these lenses and the 24-70 vs 35/85 f1.8G "cheap & light" primes is probably about the same (meaning, the cheap f1.8's give the same difference in IQ improvement over the 24-70 as the 24-70 gives over the 24-120).

I have the 24-120 f4 and will use it for landscapes or times when convenience is a top priority.  For example, I went to the kids swimming lessons last night and took the 24-120 because I had no idea what to expect and did not want to carry any additional lenses, just 1 camera + lens.  But often at home, >90% of the time, I'll choose working with the 35 & 85 f1.8 primes.  I just like everything about working that way.  I like how having the 35mm on my camera gets me thinking a certain way as far as composition.  Obviously swapping to the 85mm changes my composition strategy a lot, which perhaps for me simplifies things.

I'll also admit, I've really gone towards a photojournalistic type of approach to my family photos and I don't have years and years of photography experience.  I do like having f1.8 there if I need it (low light inside the house type stuff).  I've also noticed a lot of wedding (photojournalistic style) photographers use a 35-85 combo (usually the f1.4's) and I've been influenced by their work.  That extra bit of sharpness and subject isolation comes in handy.

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