I thought the Q was very clever, now Pentax needs a bigger mirror-less

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Re: I thought the Q was very clever, now Pentax needs a bigger mirror-less

apathyman wrote:

Conjure wrote:

I do not need a new registration distance, because the difference of only 2.5 cm does not count that much.

registration distance:

Pentax K-Mount: 45,46mm
Micro-Four-Thirds: 19,62mm
Difference: 25.84mm (~1 inch)

That may be so but one problem with maintaining the K-mount registration distance is that it precludes the use of legacy lenses via an adapter. That's important for me - I routinely use some Konica Hexanon lenses on my Olympus E-M10 via a simple adapter. I can do the same thing with the Q.

A Pentax large-sensor mirrorless could maintain K mount compatibility via an autofocus adapter in much the same way as Olympus has done in maintaining compatibility with its older E-series lenses.



I do not think that the support for some Konica Hexanon lenses or other old non-Pentax-lenses is an important design goal for Ricoh/Pentax.

Every adapter lowers the image quality: http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2013/09/there-is-no-free-lunch-episode-763-lens-adapters

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