Would you buy a great condition D3s with 188k accuations?

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My D3s maintenance approach

Bender73 wrote:

I am sort of surprised at the replies!

Clearly, some don't understand that the D4 is not really a major upgrade and the D3s actually has a touch better high ISO capabilities. The D4 is newer with a warranty and Nikon put a huge emphasis on video. Many don't want XQD and having 2 D3 style bodies (D3, D3X, or D3s) makes it easier for weddings and moving fast.

I have since found my answer. 188k is still a baby. I called and Nikon will replace the shutter assembly for between $140-500, so worse case it is a mint condition D3s with a brand new shutter for $2500 or $1000 less than a used D4, which offers no real advantage to me.

I don't bother having shutters in the D3s replaced until they reach about 500,000 frames, and I've never had one fail.  At that point, though, I request a complete rebuild since the shutter is far from being the only thing that wears out.

Last rebuild I had done was $850 plus tax, and included replacement of the shutter, aperture-control assembly, square base plate assembly (includes re-cock motor, I believe), and mirror assembly.  That was the second rebuild for that particular camera, as it has over 1,080,000 frames on it.

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