Canon EOS 5D III workflow/organisation/storage advice please?

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Carey Brown
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Re: Canon EOS 5D III workflow/organisation/storage advice please?

gscotten wrote:

I find Windows Explorer to be all I need to tag pictures. I keep my photos in folders organized by date followed by description. Then I bulk-tag anything else I need either doing the whole folder or by selections. The advantage of tagging with Explorer is that ALL programs read those tags. You will hear recommendations for LR keywording, and that is superior as long as you only want to access those images through LR. LR is the only software that can use LR's keywords, but LR will properly import Windows tags.

Keywording is NOT specific to Lightroom, it is a part of the EXIF standard. If you keyword something in LR another program will be able to read it just fine. You do have to setup LR to write the keywords back out to the JPG file, or in the case of RAW images, out to an XMP file.

Some programs ONLY keep keywords in their database, I'm looking at you Faststone, and do not write them back out so that they can be shared with other programs.

I keep all my photos in dated folders and rename the file to date and time, then I heavily keyword them. This makes for very quick searches.

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