Ken Rockwell states that you should upgrade because

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Re: Ken Rockwell states that you should upgrade because

philmar wrote:

I think a lot of the hate is from people that see him as a fanboy.

I'm not sure what you mean by that. "Fanboy" is usually used to describe a person who defends a certain brand. As far as I know, Ken is mainly a Nikon shooter, so that may not go over well here. But I remember him praising Canon gear without apparent bias.

Sure some of what he writes if over-simplified drivel but that is who he is writing to/for. People that need photographic info spoonfed in easy to read bits.

Ken clearly exaggerates some points to make a point— saying things like ~"sharpness doesn't matter" — which many of us (including myself) would disagree with here — becausefor some photographers sharpness really does matter a lot — especially when printing big or when cropping is needed.

But maybe for most photographers, he's right. Maybe some even here at DPR spend too much time 'obsessing' with sharpness, when they could be out shooting.

But some who know sharpness matters for them may get offended.

Bottom line for me: He knows a hell of a lot more photographic technical info than I do or ever will....but I still think I take better photos than he does.

I don't know of many prolific equipment reviewers who are also great photographers. Ken is certainly not the guy who will spend a week to "get the shot." But I'm sometimes impressed with what he does with a wide angle. He can see in wide angle more easily than most, and some of his shots have inspired me.

To me, this shot is stunning! And it's of a ruin that most of us would just pass by. But this style is not for everybody.

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