Best spectrometer to buy? Color Munki?

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Re: Best spectrometer to buy? Color Munki?

jtoolman wrote:

Sharky ScoHo wrote:

Hey Joe!

Sounds like you are the man to talk to. I actually had some good runs using print fab and just basic RGB color space/mode and paper types and increasing the brightness for glossy canvas. I had a good run and sold several pieces. Now I want my exact almost HDR colors on a 48"x17" gallery wrap. One guy from print fab said the color monkey would work, but you're saying it didnt? I hoped it would be simple as making the profile and importing it, but nothing ever is simple is it. I will send them a chart and see how that goes. I haven't found good settings for matte canvas from breathing color in print fab. Maybe I'll throw another 4 feet of canvas at test rounds. Thanks for the input

I followed the instructions provided by a member here to a T and basically unsuccessfully, tried twice to produce a working profile.

Of course I am not doubting user error on my part.

I will try again and see if I can at least match or improve on simply printing using RGB setting and a 120% increase in brightness.

I also choose the equivalent of relative colorimetric and sRGB as the color space. As I stated earlier, my results were so good ( Printing a Standard test image ) I really could not imagine improving it much more.


Sooo. Just as I suspected, I must have made some sort of a mistake in the settings when preparing to print the Colormunki targets on one of my Print Fab printers ( The PRO 3800 using Photo Black ) because I just finished making a profile, ( only using the 10minute dry cycle in the CM software ) and the results are super excellent. What I noticed was an visible increase in the VERY darkest tones that would have measure close to 0-0-0 in PS. Those areas are actually slightly wet, meaning that they were rendered as black as you possibly can on the PRO 3800 with OEM inks.

I adjusted BLACK ink density down just a bit in the Print Fab driver and that did the trick.

I print out of Qimage so I have now saved a preset for future use and repeatability.



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