Photo Business Name Quandry

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Re: Photo Business Name Quandry

I took a completely different approach for a commercial name. Instead of basing it on my own name, I used some common terminology words about photography. I searched, and there was no other usage for that as a local business name or as a web domain. So, that is what I registered by DBA under local laws, and that was the basis of the web domain that I registered.

When anybody Google searches for these two common words, my web site comes up either first of all or else on the first page, just depending on how you use the words. So, that is adequate for me.

The best way to spread your company name around within the right sector is to show your work. At first I exhibited large prints. Maybe in the home of friends at a party. Maybe in the main lobby of a company. Each time the prints were shown, there were business cards available.

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