Time lapse App review for Sony A7R

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Re: Time lapse App review for Sony A7R

Yesterday (March 9 2015) I bought the new release of Sony's timelapse app. Still unusable and a waste of money. That's why:

The time between shots can only be incremented by seconds not by tenths of a second. This is crucial for timelapses where pictures should be taken in shorter periods. Here it makes a huge difference if there is 1 second or 2 seconds between the shots. I am planning to shoot a decronstruction of a building. One second is OK but not perfect, 2 are way too long a period between shots.

You cannot take an endless number of shots. The maximum number of shots is limited to 990 shots. That's ridiculous! My timelapses (on Canon) usually take up to 8000 shots with 1.5 seconds interval. Of course you have to take care of memory space and battery but that should be my concern, shouldn't it. When using an external power supply there is no problem with the second point anyway.

There is no way to shoot in the 7s's marvelous silent mode which I always use on this cam. This is an issue because first it's louder (for instance in nature this is an absolute show stopper), second the noisy mode consumes far more battery power for the mechanical movement of the shutter. Not to speak of the wear of camera mechanics which is the reason why I'd like to switch from (mechanical) DSLRs to an electronic solution as on the a7s.

If there was a possibility to check the application for its usefulness I think that barley someone would really buy it due to it's lot of limitations. But perhaps someone from the Sony software department reads my humble lines and condescends to improve his app to a usable level. But still Sony offers no way to comment on their apps directly.

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