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Re: Here's my ProPhoto wordpress website :)

Just a warning to potential customers. When Prophoto release a next version of the software (like version 4 5 6 etc.), they place a big gigantic advertising banner at the top of your Wordpress dashboard display.

They don't offer you the option to disable the banner. Instead they force advertise their product, despite the fact you have already paid for the software.

When I ask customer support (Steve) how to disable it. They pretended to be dumb, "we are sorry you find that big banner annoying". If they were being honest, they would have admitted that was why they placed the banner there in the first place. They hope to annoy customers enough to upgrade.

Steve's solution was to install browser extensions and copy code into those extensions to disable their advert. I'm reluctant to do this as the code runs on every webpage and bloats the browser with unnecessary extension installations that could cause conflicts and bugs.

Their solution to this problem was, if I don't like it I'm welcome to uninstall Prophoto. I found their attitude disgusting, especially considering I paid full price, and the additional extra they charge to not have to advertise their business on your blog.

I have asked for a refund if their best solution is to un-install Prophoto.

I'll update this comment with their response.

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