Corel ASP2 Noise and a question on DXO Optics Pro

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Jacques Cornell wrote:

Jacques Cornell wrote:

brucet wrote:

I was a longtime user of Bibble/ASP but now use other software. I just found better solutions and results than what ASP could give. I think ASP has fallen behind much of the competition.

For noise I find it hard to beat Topaz DeNoise. ASP noise reduction was too harsh in comparison.


Topaz DeNoise is powerful, but I found that to really make it work well I had to spend a lot of time manually tweaking settings for each image, not to mention first turning off all NR & sharpening and setting black point to the lowest possible setting in my RAW processor, then setting black point again for the DeNoised TIF. For those few important images I'd prep for printing and exhibition, it was worth it. But, for my high-volume event biz it was totally impractical.

OTOH, as I'm looking for an Aperture replacement, I'm trying out DXO and Capture One. Gotta say, DXO's PRIME noise reduction is totally blowing me away. With Aperture, I turned to Nik Dfine for NR, but DXO makes that look like a cheap toy. It's amazing, and needs no tweaking. It does take about 1 minute per image for processing, but I can set up a batch and go to bed.

My dilemma now? Capture One does a better job with highlight recovery and skin tones, and it has DAM, which DXO lacks. Hmmm...

After a day of careful testing and becoming familiar with the tools, I've changed my initial assessment a bit. I am now able to get comparable skin tones and highlight recovery from DXO and C1P. Very different tools and approaches, though. DXO still does noticeably better high-ISO noise reduction. DXO is also the champ, by a whisker, at extracting fine detail. These differences are less significant on low-ISO files. My assessment is that DXO yields a technically better image. C1P, though, offers DAM and a greater range of tools, including adjustment layers.

These are the best results I was able to extract from a very difficult image shot at ISO 3200 with a Panasonic G3 (I now use a G6 & GX7, which are both much better at high ISO). These are 1600px crops from a 16MP RAW file. Click to see them at 100%.

Aperture 3

Capture One Pro 8

DxO Optics Pro 10

To my eye, the DxO version has much less noise, more natural highlights on the groom's forehead, and better detail in the bride's veil and hair. C1P and DxO seem to do an equally good job on highlight recovery.

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