40-150 vs 45-150 revisited

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Martin Ocando
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40-150 vs 45-150 revisited

My jaw just dropped today. I purchased a Lumix 45-150mm a couple years ago, and I was somewhat happy with it. Could never get sharp results, not to the level of the 20mm 1.7. Is understandable, being a zoom against a prime. I've gave this lens a second shot, by taking it to Panama's street photography dream place, Old Quarter, and the results were, well, in a word, ok. I used it almost 90% of the time.

Now, I've been reading about the big difference in sharpness and contrast between my lens, and the cheap Olympus 40-150mm, and after checking Photozone's review, they say my Lumix is actually better in most regards, other than price. How can a full metal barrerl and mount 250$ lens compete against a plastic 120$ lens? I thought.

So happens, we purchased a E-PL5 with dual lens kit at the office, and I took the 40-150mm for a quick test. All shots are tripod mounted, using studio lights, so shake and blur is out of the equation.

What amazed me, is not so much the sharpness, but the contrast. I'm not using any filters at all. Both lenses completely clean and free of any fungus.

Now, the question is: Is the Oly so much better than the Lumix, or I have a bad copy?

Left - Olympus, Right - Lumix


45mm - center

70mm - center

100mm - center

150mm - center

And now the corner

45mm: This is the only place where the Lumix excels the Oly.

70mm - But rapidly catches up with contrast and sharpness

100mm - way better

150mm - still better

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