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Re: Next lens for D610

cooker263 wrote:

Hey everyone,

New member. A bit of background - I started out with the D60 back in 2008/09, along with the 18-55VR and 55-200 non-VR kit package. I loved the camera and took it on a couple trips to Europe. Since it was a new thing, I realized I took way more pictures than my friends could bear (for the first few days), including switching out the lenses all the time. I clearly didn't know what I was doing, but had fun.

My sister is a professional wedding photographer, so when I started playing with her equipment, I realized what I was missing with her full frame gear and higher quality lenses. Once I got some more experience, I moved on to the D610 last Spring and have coupled it with the 50MM 1.4D (as well as her older SB-600 flash that she gave me). I used this for a Route 66 cross-country trip, hiking trips, weddings and for general photography around Boston with friends. It has been great, but I had to default to my iPhone for a lot of pics as the 50 isn't quite wide enough (for longer shots, no option other than cropping). I got some unique shots of the milky way, but naturally this isn't the right lens.

That all said - I'm definitely ready for my next lens. I currently have over 1K in Amazon gift cards that I've been patiently holding onto for some time. I'm also planning a trip to Japan and China in a few months, where I'll be in the major cities and then off into some of the more natural scenes where we plan on doing some hiking.

A few things I've learned:

1. It was great having the D610 with one lens on my last trip since I could enjoy the trip more than trying to think about which lens to use and taking the time to carefully make the switch (like my Europe trips in the past). That being said, it clearly didn't satisfy all of my needs.

2. I really enjoy taking low-light shots at night - especially of friends, interiors, street shots, etc. However, I've found that the D610 autofocus system is a bit disappointing for this. Granted, it's a great camera - but I tend to switch to manual and don't quite have the speed at times to get the right shot in time.

3. I generally felt there were quite a bit more shots that I wished I had something below 50mm than above on my last trip.

4. I have a general pet peeve for soft shots. Some of that can definitely be chalked up to more experience.

5. I'm inexperienced and realize there are lots of opinions. Zoom or more primes? Any general thoughts anyone has or if more information would be helpful - please let me know. I also don't mind buying used if it makes sense (as all of my equipment is second hand).


Agree with the person that recommended either the 24-70 or the 24-140, the 24-70 will be a bit sharper and better in low light, but will be heavier as well, something to keep in mind when carrying your gear all day and night long.

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