Zeiss vs. Leica Lenses:

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There was a thread posted about lens character which has got me to wonder. Since Leica M lenses are usually over twice the price of a Zeiss lens, and a Summilux 50mm. can reach the price of $10,000, I was wondering if they are any better then a used Contax/Zeiss Plannar f/1.4 50mm. lens? I've had both lenses, used. Frankly, I couldn't tell any difference, they are both equally as good but the Zeiss never commands the price of a Leica lens. Can anyone explain the character of the Zeiss and the Leica in terms of IQ and color rendering? And, if you saw the same image photographed by a Zeiss lens and a Leica, could you tell the difference?

It took a while to percolate, but this whole thread got me thinking, and I wrote a blog post about it today:



Interesting read. Regarding your wine comparison, I would say that to be able to distinguish different top quality wines, it requires training, experience, and talent.

Same with lenses.

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