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Re: canon pixma ix6550

JB7846 wrote:

I have just bought the ix6550 and predominantly work in B&W. All my prints irrespective of size have the magenta cast - somebody must know how to stop this? any takers?

Are you using original inks? If not you may need to fine tune the colours and save your settings. But lets assume that's not your problem for a moment.

Since we're talking about black and white I'm willing to bet you're not selecting grey scale in the printer driver options.

If you select greyscale, only the black ink will be used (and since you're only using one nozzle expect it to take longer).

If you don't select greyscale the printer will mix all the inks to make black and you'll get hints of colour showing through plus colour casts..

Using the maintenance functions to clean the rollers isn't a bad idea either but I don't think that's your problem.

Please do let me know if this fixes your issue.

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