35/2.8 or the loxia 35/2

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Re: 35/2.8 or the loxia 35/2

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35/2.8 is too slow (though sharp and the AF is fast and reliable), and has a pretty long min focus distance/ low magnification for close-ups (around 1:7). At $800 it is plain crazy, I eventually caved and bought it on ebay from and overseas seller for~$650 and then sold as used at minimal loss.

35/2 Loxia? Zeiss has some balls to charge $1300 for a lens without any aspheric elements! Do not expect sharpness of 35/2.8 or RX1, especially in the corners. Also, it is obviously an MF lens, depends on your uses it may or may not be a huge demerit (it is for me). Then again, if it isn't, buy a Canon FD 35/2.8 (which is optically nearly as good as Zeiss 35/2.8) for $50 and that's it. Loxia's reproduction ratio is 1:5.8, not that great either.

The best choice I found for myself and I believe will suit many others is a used RX1. I bought mione for $1500, only $200 more than MF Loxia! Couldn't be happier with it. Fantasic sharpness from wide open, F/2, AF, great bokeh quality, very good magnification for close-ups at 1:4.2. As a bonus I've got a back-up camera with a quiet leaf shutter and high flash sync speed at 1/500 s. With 35/2 and 55/1.8 near permanently attached to A7 a lot of low-light and good subject isolation situations are covered without any need to change lenses.

This idea actually doesnt sound bad at all...but it has one flaw...no build-in viewfinder :/

This is a commonly expressed criticism of the RX1 which fails to appreciate the excellent external EVF that is available.  It takes up very little space and is one of the best EVFs for any camera.  Of course, you have to pay extra for it, but most RX1 users feel that it is well worth the price.


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