M5 II .ORF not supported Yet in LR5??

Started Feb 26, 2015 | Questions thread
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Standard early adopter experience

Real McKay wrote:

I cannot believe that in all the research I did before settling on the Olympus M5 MKII then buying the 12- 40 Pro at a cost of $2000 that I did not check the orf raw file format was not supported by Aperture, LR5, or PSE12 the editors I use.

I think I may be consigning this new gear(after waiting months!) to the 'occasional use' category & going back to my Nikon DSLR & P7100. I did this because of travel weight (& age!).

It might be supported in LR6 due soon. If not this has been an expensive mistake. Its my very first Olympus too. The sales people never mentioned it so I never gave it a thought.

There were rave reviews everywhere for this camera & lens never once did I see a mention of lack of raw support!

Is it Olympus's fault or Adobe?

Them's just the breaks - Adobe doesn't release updates quickly enough to add support for new cameras the moment they're available.

I'd be very surprised if the next release of Lightroom (whether 5.XX or 6.0) didn't have support for the E-M5II.

Welcome to the bleeding edge. A little patience is required.

Meanwhile, the free RawTherapee image editor recognizes the E-M5 II files. It's capable, if not as slick as Lightroom, if you need an in-between solution.

Fortunately, it shouldn't be long before all of the raw files you capture with your E-M5 II can be opened in Lightroom, so no reason to stop capturing them in the meantime.

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