Nikon DF versus Fuji XT1

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Re: Nikon DF versus Fuji XT1

cadomniel wrote:

sorry I meant to say the manual controls on the top. I meant I prefer the placement and feel of the controls on the X-T1 on the top panel vs the Df but I agree overall the DF has better control because you can customize it the way you like.

I am more familiar with the Nikon menu system so it hasn't been too difficult to get used to the settings in teh Df.

Got ya. One thing I absolutely agree is better on the XT1 is the exposure compensation dial. I'd overwhelmingly rather have this dial on the right shoulder than the left and have it either without a lock or a toggle lock button so the user can decide whether it's locked or not. I much prefer the location on the XT1 where I can work it with my right thumb with my eye to the finder, as well as from above before I raise the camera to my eye...

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