RAW file converter for OS-X finally posted!

Started Jul 7, 2003 | Discussions thread
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EXIF extractor is nice and handy

I like the EXIF Extractor application,which allows you to drag and drop a bunch of .RAF files into its window and hit extract and get a very rapidly-created 300k JPEG file that can be e-mailed, or used for approval, or used for editing/achiving purposes.

I downloaded Version 2.0 and installed it under OS 9.2 on an old G4 tower,not willing to futz up my newer machines in case the SW was buggy or brought with it unstability. EX oncerter 2.0 actually works pretty well under 9.2 with only 512 megs of real ram allocated to it. Maybe tomorrow I'll see how it goes under OSuX on newer hardware.

While it's not NC in terms of functionality,and it still has some incredibly irritating quirks and limitations, it's at least an improvement over 1.0. The preview window is finally larger,and allows zoom-in,etc. I like the 1/6 stop exposure compensation,which actually proved very useful on some RAFs I processed today. I do wish however that we could get a sharpening control that uses a percentage,a radius,and a threshold value instead of the simple one-word sharpening choices Fuji provides us with.

EX 2.0---Why it's absolutely "better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick." Maybe with a little more poking around and more experience we'll all find out more about how to get the most out of EX 2.0.
Happy Shooting!

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