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Re: DSPTCH Sling Strap

an1uk wrote:

I just ordered one of these DSPTCH straps along with the wrist one for my A5100. It was a decision between this and an OP/Tech strap which would most likely have needed the extensions they sell. I am disappointed, and tempted to return. The connectors used are the curved 10 a penny connectors you can buy to make DIY paracord wrist bracelets from Hong Kong on eBay, and only clip in one orientation. The strap itself seems rather thin - some might see this as beneficial with the best balance of light weight, compactness, and strength. It seems like quite a lot of blog net reviews are sponsored by the manufacturer and therefore effectively worthless. Either way they're definitely expensive for what you get.

The connectors are acetal plastic buckles made in the US by National Molding, a plastic hardware manufacturer that also supplies many military subcontractors. They're very sturdy, we've never had a buckle fail in our several years of being in business.

We've never paid for a blog review. Most of them are actually customers that happened to appreciate the product. The only thing we've done is submitted the product for review free of charge for the product itself, which is a pretty common practice for review sites.

Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation and opinion, but some of your statements are false, misguided, and highly misinformed.

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