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Re: Built-in flash of NX20

Auster Pilot wrote:

I can't really advise specifically regarding the NX20 as I don't own that or any of the EVF NX models. However from previous experience of screwing up the hotshoe on an NX100 I would suggest you have one of two problems.

1. Flash unit is damaged - it is unlikely any setting changes will fix this and that the camera is reporting the error you see due to the damaged component. However the hotshoe may still function and be able to succesfully mount an external flash.

2. The underlying flash circuitry is damaged (something I did to my NX100 by mounting an inappropriate flash gun on it)- again it is unlikely that any setting changes will help you here, and on top of that an external flash will also not function.

If it is the first problem I would suggest seeing if you can find anyone locally who may have an NX Flash to let you try it on your camera (however you should warn them there is some risk to their unit first if circuitry has been damaged - although the likelyhood of the camera damaging a flash is very low rather than the other way round). If the NX Flash works you can purchase a suitable one to mount on the camera when required. If you can't find anyone with a suitable NX flash, then consider buying one of the low powered flash units such as the SEF15A or SEF20A (note that the SEF15A doesn't work on my NX3000 so not sure if that is a good one to go for). Don't go for the SEF8A as that only works on NX cameras which have the additional hotshoe connection to power it which the NX20 may not have (someone else may be able to confirm)

If the problem is the flash circuit then you will either need to get it repaired or consign yourself to not using flash.

Hi Neil,

Thank you very much for this detailed answer. I guess I will have to find some NX flash to try to see which problem it is. Just to clarify, I did not see any Error report on my screen. The only symptoms are (i) pressing the flash pop-up button has no effect; (ii) in Function menu, the choice of Flash icon is grey (not available for selection to change the setting of the flash). Does these give more clue which problem is more likely?

By the way, if I need to get it repaired eventually, do you suggest getting in contact with Samsung service or just try to find some local camera store?


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