RAW file converter for OS-X finally posted!

Started Jul 7, 2003 | Discussions thread
michaeldelrossi Regular Member • Posts: 123

Charles Bandes wrote:
The OSX version works fine on both of my macs.

I have a feeling that people either aren't following instructions
(some folks are trying to install when they don't have the CD) or
have stuffit in the wrong place.

Anyone able to use the OSX version?

I tried to instal but when I launch i get an error message.

Application launch failure

The application (null) could not be launched because of a shared library error"D"

BTW What instructions???

I'd like to use this a s I have a job that depends on the ability to shoot from the computer Tomorow!!!!
it works or did in OS9 but I'd like to stay in X if I can.
Ayn help will bbe emensli appreciated. Thanks in advance

iBook 800
640 meg ram OSX 10.2.5
QS 867 G$ 1.5gig ram OSX 10.2.5

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