Best $100 and under legacy lenses for MFT?

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Re: Best $100 and under legacy lenses for MFT?

Wide angles tend to work less good.

I have tokina 28mm 2.8 II

I can get great image's but always strugle with gradation, so bad that i have to claw detail back.

I have a 24mm nikkor-n pre AI

Great except for extreme gosting in difficult light conditions.

In Tele i Have:

-105mm Nikkor-p 2,5 pre AI

Love it for nature shoots, but not for architecture

135mm 2,8 panagor (sadly now damaged)

-Great very neutral lens, (I like my lenses to have a little more charecter.)

Zoom vivitar (kino) 80-200mm 4,5

-Maybe not that detailed until 8,0, but very nice work horse (haven't used it enough for definite opinion)

200mm 3,5 panagor

-Great old fashioned feel i like in my pictures. sharp even wide open

In 50 mm i have many, easy and cheap to buy

I especially like:

Takumar 55mm 1,8,, sharp wide open, very old fashioned maybe due to yellowing element.

Pentax 55mm 1,8 kmount, just as good and neutral as any modern lens, good even wide open.

Nikkor-H 50mm 2,0, have to slow it down to 2,8, handles like a dream, have not shot enough yet for a definite opinion.

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