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SMC K135/2.5

I believe that F and FA 135/f2.8 lenses share the same optics. They are very sharp lenses from f2.8 already and with small MFD.

However, the model that atracted me most is the K135mm/f2.5,


which is the same optical design as the 6 element version of the 1972 Super-Multi-Coated TAKUMAR 1:2.5/135. That lens had another to incarnations (1965 and 1971) that had 5 elements in their design (see details in the following link)


Their was also a Takumar bayonet (non SMC) 135/f2.5 lens that was a cheeap 4 element design. This one you better avoid


My K135/f2.5 has a fantastic feel and although 0.5Kg it balances great on my cameras. My copy strongly front focuses, so no focusing at infinity and f2.5 and the catch in focus does not work correct as even with -10 in the AF-FA it still front focuses. So I use it in LV mode with FP on my K-01. Wide open in relative sharp but the bokeh is sooooooooooooo sweet! I love it. And stopped down from f4.5-f11 it is very sharp indeed! With this apertures the dof goes to infinity and it is equally sharp as in closer distances, that is very very sharp! But wide open a F or FA lens must be sharper.

You can see me admiring it on my K-01 here

The one that took the photo was my daughter, so when I realized it I turned and took her photo (below)

And here is a photo with this lens + Raynox 150 of a very tiny flower in my mother's garden. That was very very tiny

So, if you want max sharpnesh WO go for the F or FA 135/f2.8 lens. For sweeeeeeeet bokeh and great sharpness stopped down search for a 6 element 135mm/f2.5 version. If money, weight or fully manual operation is a concern, 135mm/f3.5 lens are not bad for what they are, but they are not top.

And if money and weight are not a cancern at all, A * 135mm / f1.8 combines everything plus f1.8 aperture, except AF obviously.

Happy shooting!

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