14mm or wait for the 16mm?

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Re: 14mm or wait for the 16mm?

I am sorry, AL stands for available light, so rather poor light but still using no flash.

Question 1 I would tackle is: How big of a lens do you accept on a Fuji body. Some folks went to Fuji for the portable experience and some switched completely to Fuji and do not care about size at all. Answering that question for you may help to cancel out certain choices. The 16 is sure to be a rather big lens due to its specification. Something between 23 and 56 I guess.

Question 2: What is the price you are willing to pay. I would be surprised if you could get the 16 well below 1000 Euro any time soon even used. The 14 is on the market for some time and some people replace it with a Zeiss 12 and others with a 10-24. Used but in as new condition it can be had for quite a sensible price.

Question 3: What would be your application/benefit? As said the 14 will at least extend your possibilities at the wide end from 18 to 14 which is a lot. Just for the 16mm I would not carry another lens. Strength of the 16 is the speed of 1.4. Question is do you have any application? Typical choices would include astro photography (then you may well look at the Samyang 12), event photography without flash (16 is already pretty wide and can be ugly for people; I think your 23 covers that a bit better), wide action photography (snowboard jumping, mountain biking or anything you have from a pretty close distance; well I would not count on Fuji AF for that, maybe the Samyang 8 will be an alternative) or maybe just wide close ups of things with some background separation (the 14 can get pretty close and the 23 may help you out here as well). There you have it. Are you a 16mm 1.4 guy?

The 16mm will surely be a great lens but is it for you? It surely is not for me since I always would prefer 14 or 10-24 when combined with the 23 (I do not need and want to collect them all just for the sake of it).

Good luck to you! Btw. you got a pretty cool setup with the 23+56 already. I am pretty sure a 14 will extend your possibilities greatly and it will match your expectations.

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