14mm or wait for the 16mm?

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Re: 14mm or wait for the 16mm?

Davidsu wrote:

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Davidsu wrote:

I'm debating buying the 14mm f2.8, which has gotten very solid reviews and all the pictures I've seen from this lens are gorgeous. However, I'm hesitating to buy with the new 16mm f1.4 hopefully coming out soon. Does anyone have experience with a focal length similar to the 16mm? Other than the faster aperture, what would be the benefit to a lens like this? The lens would be used for lots of landscapes/architecture/some street photography.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

What camera system are you using now? If Fuji what lens or lenses do you have. Are you using a point and shoot camera and are new to fuji?

depending you may already know the answer without you knowing you do.

I use an x-t1 and I have the XF 56mm, 23mm, and 18-135mm

The difference between the 16 mm and 18 mm focal length you have in the 18-135 is minor.

The 14 mm focal length or the 10-24 would be a great compliment to the 18-135.

You may not need your 23 mm prime for sake of focal length overlap.

I assume the 16 mm like all other primes will not have OIS. The 10-24 does.

How often do you need 1.4 with your 23 mm? If the answer is a lot then get a prime lens. If not the 10-24 is a very nice lens.

Again, look wise the 16 mm is a hair wider but 14 mm will be more noticeable.

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