Problems with color shift (White Balance) on Nikon D800

Started Jan 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Paul Mann New Member • Posts: 1
Red-cyan colors are hard to correct on D810 images.

I got a D610 and shot basketball photos in a gym lit with fluorescent lights.  The colors changed from one photo to the next, shooting at 1/500th of a second.  I was able to correct the colors in Photoshop pretty well.

I got a D810 and shot the same basketball type of photos in the same gym.  The colors changed
from one photo to the next, same as the D610.  HOWEVER, I was not able to correct the colors.
When I got rid of the red tint, the shadows or non-red areas turned cyan.  So it looks like the
D810 is responding to the red-cyan tint more than the yellow-blue and the green-magenta.

I was shooting a Auto 1 white balance, ISO 3200 to ISO 4000.  I never was able to get a good
image even after post processing with Lightroom.

I uploaded the photos to in my account.  I got a really dumb answer.  I was told
that the problem was the number of focus points should be more than one.

I returned the D810.

Now I have a D750 and it is giving photos with color changes but not the exaggerated red-cyan
problem.  I am able to correct these in Lightroom.

I just wish the D750 had the D810 body and shutter.  It seems built for children or adults with
small hands.   Yuck.

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