A superb well balanced machine

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A superb well balanced machine

I have owned the excellent Fuji XE2 and Olympus EM10 (both are fantastic cameras which I have nothing but praise for).  Even after using the XE2 and EM10, I decided to keep the Nikon J4 for the following reasons:


1)  Image quality in good light is hard to discern from bigger sensors.  Yes if you pixel peep there is noise, but color fidelity, dynamic range are all extremely close.  Nikon really surprised me, it's pushing the capabilities of the 1 inch sensor to hit well about it's weight class.   JPEG quality is quite superb.

2) Size.  This camera is tiny and light.  My XE2 and EM10 both felt like bulky bricks in comparison.  This is a camera that will truly go everywhere with you.

3) Performance.  The speed of focusing and FPS is stunning.  I never seem to have a OOF shot with this camera compared to any other camera I have ever used (and that included high end FF models).

4)   Touchscreen.   Olympus has it and so does Nikon.  Touch to focus is fantastic and being a man in his 30s who loves technology and his touch screen phone I much prefer touch screen controls over analog controls such as dials and buttons.  On mirrorless bodies too many dials and wheels = accidents waiting to happen.  I can't tell you the number of times I hit and button or changed exposure on the Olympus.  Sometimes less is more and I prefer Nikon's minimalist approach.

5)  Excellent build quality and attractive accessories.  Nikon's leather case and leather straps are of superb quality.


1)  I would love Nikon to introduce a dedicated macro, more compact primes like the lovely 18.5 1.8, and possibly some pro zooms.

2)  Would love to see more control over the camera in the iOS Wifi application.

Summary.  I have the white J4 and this is a camera that Apple and Leica could have easily designed.  It's a beautiful well balanced machine.

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