Night shot issues

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Night shot issues

Hi, you keen photographers might think this is an odd question, but I am wondering what I can do to improve my night shot results.

I have a point and shoot camera, a Panasonic DCM-TZ60 and I am dissatisfied with a certain type of night shot, cityscapes.

What can I do to improve or eliminate these defects?

The buildings are sharp, but light from the windows bleeds out so instead of a sharp rectangle (Frame edge) it looks fuzzy.

I use the following:-

Tripod, 2 sec timer to take shot, the ground is firm (not a boat or soft grass or wood deck). ISO 100  (and up to 800)  But I have left white balance to auto  and shooting in RAW

Night scene, expecting a tripod or hand held (still on tripod) with multi shots combined in camera.

HDR (well, it was worth a try), Aperture priority f8 with long exposure, up to 15 seconds (no moving subjects are the issue here)

I print at 300dpi up to A3, though the problem is more noticeable on the computer screen (several types, all 1900 x ? 4:3 ratio

I was thinking of combining several shots Aperture f8, ISO 100 and using the smart phone to trigger the shots so the camera is undisturbed. other than that, what do you suggest.

There may be those amongst you who say, what do you expect from a P&S camera. Well, I will not buy a bulky camera, because it is not convenient to travel with and because I take typical holiday shots, I would need several lenses. I have looked at bridge cameras, and the bulk rule them out.

I also wonder, if there is much difference in the picture result, whatever the cost of general use camera. I hope it has more to do with technique.

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