DSLR vs Point and shoot

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Re: DSLR vs Point and shoot

The guy writing in has a point. He's getting a little ridiculed here for being a newbie. I'm not a newbie... And I still have to carry my Nikon coolpix in my pocket everywhere I go if I think I might want to zoom in on something. I registered to the forum just to reply to this because I'm having the same issue. I have a canon eos with over thirty thousand shutter clicks. And I had a DSL before that. And before that I had a 35 mm canon my parents gave me that was from the 1970s. I've used every style of camera I've ever cared to try. I've made prints, displayed, and shared digitally. The other day a seal was on the beach. I pulled out the eos. I made some ok images. The seal only took up a small part of the frame. I pulled out the coolpix and zoomed in on the seal until it filled the frame. It yawned. I pushed the shutter button. At home later it was obvious that the small point and shoot had excellent color saturation, exposure, and clarity. I could not digitally crop the image from the EOS and get an equally good picture as is being claimed here. Also I don't have the time or inclination to start doing mathematical equations when out shooting in order to justify my choice of gear. I don't feel like carrying around a lens three feet long just in case a subject appears that I might want to shoot that happens to be farther away from where happen to be standing then, say, oh,...lighted table two feet from my tripod. The image quality from today's point and shoots is on par with the image quality of an SLR in any candid shooting situation, especially outdoors. Unless design engineers can figure out how to get some zoom (yes I said zoom...thats what its called when you look through the viewfinder and barely see your tiny subject...then do some motion w your hands either turning a ring or pushing a lever...and suddenly the subject fills your viewfinder and frame in full optic view. With no sensor crop. So the full megapixel rating of the sensor is brought to bear on a focused large image. That's what point and shoots can do. If engineers can't figure out how to make an slr lens do that without being three feet long or worse yet costing thousands when point and shoits are under two hundred...im sorry but the slrs are going to only be seen on school picture day. Thanks for the discussion. No need to respond. -Adam

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