I picked up the 58mm 1.4G and...

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Re: I picked up the 58mm 1.4G and...

heulwen wrote:

Hm, interesting, I have not experienced any lack of contrast with the 58G compared to my other workhorses (35/1.4G, 85.14G, 70-200). In fact, I find when editing a wedding that the photos from the 58G need the least work. They have a punch and a sparkle. The 85/1.4G was earlier my number one, always on one camera, but lately it actually stays in the bag and the 58G has taken its place. Not only because of perspective, but also because the pictures are more vivid OOC. Sure, the 85 is sharper, but when the 58G delivers, well, it truly delivers.

I am not one to pixel peep, nor am I that technical (never use PS, only LR), but what I do know is that using the 58G has lessened my time on the computer. And I am not kidding.
The 58G does seem to be a slightly better match to my D700 than to my D600 though. Not a surprise really.
I'm not saying I don't believe you, but considering my own experience (expecially comparing it to the same lenses you said you did), I would like to think you did have two bad copies, :).

These pictures are awesome. They really illustrate the strengths of this lens and what it can do.

On another note this thread really has some amazing photographers with a wealth of information. Thank you all again for sharing these great pictures.

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