Will the Nikon D5 be a mirrorless full-frame camera?

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Re: Will the Nikon D5 be a mirrorless full-frame camera?

Digitalis32 wrote:

OH YES! we simply must remove the mirror so we can get 10,000fps at 24K video with a medium format sensor, global shutter, exposure simulation and automatic tone mapping 50 strop HDR with a carbon fiber grips and tungsten body with a AF-S 18-500mm f/0.95G ED ASPH [IF] N ED VR lense!

//end satire.

I get so tired of hearing people expecting the next camera to be released from a major manufacturer to be an attempt to get in on the mirrorless circus cart.

In any case a vast majority of the Nikkor lenses in production are designed for an SLR, do you honestly expect Nikon to just dump them all and start making lenses for mirrorless cameras?

No, I expect them to do like they did with the Nikon 1 system - start with a few high quality lenses and two bodies - high end and low end.

Things like this take time, technology has to earn its place in the market, especially amongst professionals.

Professionals will use what CaNikon supplies.  That is all.

When you really look at it the advantages of mirrorless cameras are only marginal - at best compared to a traditional SLR. The day may come where a mirrorless camera completely and utterly oustrips a SLR in all aspects of performance - but we all know that day is a long way off.

It may not be as far away as you think.  Take a look at the Samsung NX1.  Yeah, it has a few odd things about it (Samsung may not  be so skilled at making a pro photo tool, like CaNikon) but it is pretty clear that the technology is close to being in place.

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