Can't delete photos in Lightroom 5.0

Started Feb 11, 2015 | Discussions thread
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Re: Can't delete photos in Lightroom 5.0

CameraCarl wrote:

There are a variety of ways in Lightroom that you can prompt the pop up box which has three selections: Delete From Disc, Cancel and Remove. The issue that I have (and I presume the OP has) is that no matter how you get this menu to pop up, if you select Delete From Disc, you get an error message that says the files can't be sent to the trash can. The only option is to delete them directly. They disappear from the hard drive bypassing the trash can. If everything were working properly, you would ordinarily see a message that says something like Remove and Trash Photo. For me this happens regardless whether I identify as Reject photos in the Grid view, select Photo > Deleted Rejected Photos, or select a photo and hit the delete key, or select a photo and Command + Delete.

Select the images, place your cursor above one of them and press Cmd-Option-Shift-Delete. That will remove the images from the Lightroom catalog and delete them from the disk without any pop-up's.

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