Alternative wide angle to the DMW-LWA52

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Re: Alternative wide angle to the DMW-LWA52

Although current stitching software can do wonders with a few adjacent and overlapping frames, in situations where a whole crowd of those pesky tourists are milling about in front of your subject (which may result in the need to remove multiple 'ghosts' from your stitched result); or your tour guide is about to drive off without you; being able to capture about 75 percent more of the subject in a single shot, handheld, in dim light, without recourse to - offensive or forbidden - flash; the DMW-LWA52 can be a useful aid on an LX5 or LX7 (the jury is still out on whether it can be used on the LX100).

But if your main priority is to travel with the minimum kit, and have no desire to use at least a small shoulder bag to hold your camera, accessories, and other travel necessities, then stitching is an excellent way to capture a scene with a digital camera.

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