Pana DMC GX7 Discontinued!

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Re: Isn't the £100 cashback offer over?

vakhariasb wrote:

Helen wrote:

vakhariasb wrote:


That is a pretty long post.

Now, this morning, I peeled off the Q.C. Label which had the number starting with APANAxxxxxx.

Below that I could see the model and the serial number with the bar code. I assume that photo is enough for the warranty extension and the cashback claim.

Now, I do not know why they had stuck that Q. C. sticker on top of the serial number sticker.

Did you have a Q.C. label/ sticker on your GM1 as well?

Secondly I still see the other two stickers starting with 4010xxxxxx which are stuck on top of some other stickers underneath. I can faintly spot "UK model" under one of the stickers. This is also visible in the photo that I have taken.

I do not see any lens related stickers though.

Since I have already filled the claim and extended warranty forms with the incorrect serial number, I am wondering if I should fill the online forms again with the new serial number.

Sorry for the length - I'm a touch typist for my work so I get easily carried away!

No, there are no extra stickers on my GM1's box. It may depend where the camera was bought from - I recall that John Lewis (department store chain in the UK) has quite a tendency to place its own stock control stickers over things for example, whereas Amazon UK doesn't. Do you know where your friend purchased it for you?

Maybe an email to the firm administrating the offer(s) might be an idea to check on what else/extra they might need from you? The address is given on the website for claiming, in the terms and conditions box (they could be pretty slow replying though). Can't say how your claim will go, though presumably it will hit an obstacle if the serial numbers you sent aren't correct (and maybe not actually serial numbers at all).

Well, we put in another claim a few minutes ago with the correct serial number and the photograph of the box containing the serial number and the bar code.

I think we will drop an email to the cashback team and inform them to ignore the first claim and explain why it happened.

Camera was purchased from Jessops.

Should be fine from Jessops, anyway.  They probably would have contacted you once they discovered the problems with the serial number, but at least this way you can ensure things move along quicker and you don't run up against any claim deadlines.  Good luck!

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