What is lens character?

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Re: What is lens character?

Actually I think 'lens character' is just a reason for Leica to increase the price of their lenses.  Before I bought the A7 II, I had three different 50mm lenses, the Leica R Summilux f/1.4, the Summicron f/2 and the Contax Plannar f/1.4.  I did numerous tests with them attached to the NEX-7 I once had.  These tests were not scientic, just real world photos magnified to the fullest extent.  I really could not tell much difference between any of the three.  However, I could say that as far as lens character is concerned, the Leica lenses could probably have more saturated color then the Contax lens.  As far as sharpness is concerned, I always thought the Contax was the sharpest.  The Summilux never proved it's reason to be so overpriced and in so much demand by photographers.   These photographer are always in rapsody on the three demensionality of the Summilux and the creamy bokau.  I actually don't understand why Leica lenses should be so much over priced then the Zeiss lenses, which are just as good if not better.

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