Failure Of SD Card Slot Of Camcoder PANASONIC HC-X920M

Started Feb 8, 2015 | Discussions thread
jkoch2 Senior Member • Posts: 1,198
SD Slot Malfunction: Possible Diagnoses

babatop wrote:

I could not insert any SD MEMORY CARD into the Card Slot of Panasonic HC-X920M Camcoder and the "Access Light" also is not blinking. It seems that something is blocking from the Card being inserted.

Request assistance from any specialist.

Thank you.

On some recent occasion, might you possibly have inserted the SD card backwards?  This could have fouled the prongs or connection points at the inward end of the slot.  Some slots may survive occasional errors of this sort, but perhaps not if forced in all the way.

Could some dirt, sand, or gunk have gotten into the slot?  Water or residue of some beverage?

Are you inserting an SD card (2GB or less), which would not work for AVCHD video, or a Class 4 or higher SDHC card?

Does your computer recognize the card and are you able to navigate the folders and files in Windows Explorer?  If not, then the problem is with the card itself.  Otherwise, the above-mentioned theories might apply.

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