Shooting wedding with primes only

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Re: Shooting wedding with primes only

tessar 75 wrote:

its not just about the f-stop

primes have features and flaws which make them great to shoot with in some circumstances

I doudt a speed boosted m43 arrangement would be as satisfying/as sharp where it counts as a Canon/nikon/sony whatever fullframe with a 35/50/85 f1.2-f2 depending on brand prime.

The nikon 50 AFD 1.4 at wide open is not a brilliant performer but used corectly gives a look that would otherwise require some post production to replicate

I prefer to shoot that way its a bit old school but so what.

Also I find the optical VF of DSLRS far superior to any mirrorless system for quick composition and focus through the lens .I have used a D4 and it very very rarely misses a shot.even the D700

is pretty good . 5DMIII also not bad , and the 1DX kicks butt aswell

Shooting a wedding with a mirrorless camera would be like one of those bad dreams where everything goes wrong but you can't wake up..............

Well for one thing this thread is about shooting a wedding with primes instead of zooms not a full frame vs M43 thread. But, for the sake of my early morning boredness I'll bite.

1. The sigma f1.8 zoom is one of the most fantastic lenses ever made. Frequently called a bag full of primes the sigma lens is incredibly sharp and in a league of its own in speed. On a speedbooster it would be and is even sharper and faster. If you are ok with a 25-50mm range then the sigma can easily replace a set of primes in that range. For m43 that gives a wide angle to standard range very useful for weddings and the sharpness in the final product would be more than satisfactory for the client.

2. The nikon 50mm 1.4 may have a specific look wide open. But i can come very close to a similar look without post processing. The voigtlander 25mm f0.95 type 2 gives a dof equal to a 50mm f1.8 lens and is very useably sharp wide open with the center falling just short of very good sharpness according to ephotozine (the only place i could find that tested type 1 and type 2. The type 2 was significantly sharper wide open than type 1) as a matter of fact the voigtlander would probably give a better image at f0.95 than the nikon at f1.4 and the difference in dof would be small and certainly wouldnt make or break the image. And with the focusing distance of the voigtlander being so close it can produce a large variety of images that the nikon could never match or emulate. And as most wedding shooters i know use pro f2.8 zooms a m43 shooter wouldnt have any problem matching dof or low light capability.

3. You seem to have the false perception that I prefer zooms. I dont own a single zoom. The only one i would own is the sigma f1.8  because i have rented it and it is amazing. I shoot with 2 canon fl lenses a 20mm 1.7 and the 45mm f1.8. My only zooms were sold to my younger brother for his first camera kit this month. I would much rather carry two bodies and shoot with primes than carry a pro zoom. Next month I will be adding a 25mm voigtlander and 42.5mm voigtlander to my bag while awaiting the 10.5mm voigtlander. All at f0.95 so my kit will be a 10.5mm f0.95 a 25mmf0.95 and a 42.5mm f0.95 with a 60mm f1.2 to wrap it up. Giving me a fantastic 21mm f1.8 50mm f1.8 85mm f1.8 and 120mm f2.5 equivalent. Not at all hurting for lowlight performance or dof. I am getting these lenses because despite my younger age i much prefer manual operation. Clicking an aperture ring and focusing with a smooth action is far more awarding than autofocus and with m43 and focus peaking it makes manual focus extremely fast and accurate.

4. As for shooting a wedding with mirrorless being a nightmare you are being ridiculous. Really? Top m43 bodies outperform full frame cameras a few years old. Older 10 grande full frame cameras still cant keep up with current m43 cameras. If pros could shoot weddings with those or even with film then they can use m43. I have seen amazing wedding work by several photographers who use m43 cameras.  The em1 will match most dslr's for focus speed, the lenses are great, lowlight is great and there are plenty of off camera lighting options. The fuji cameras perform fantastically as probably the best apsc cameras that exist and the sony a7 series of mirroless full fdrame cameras are fantastic in useability as well. The gear shouldnt hold you back. A good photographer would produce great work with any of these systems.

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